Know More How to Check Capital One Credit Card Application Status?

One of the five biggest card issuers in the globe, Capital One is probably most known by its longtime motto, “What’s in your wallet?” For those who have newly applied for a Capital One credit card but did not obtain an immediate choice, this article will bring you up to rapidity on how to check your Capital One application position.

Capital One has completed its mark on the credit card rewards space with its blackout-free tour rewards plan and is altering the way we bank with its Capital One Cafés. Certainly, whether you desire to fly without limits or talk cash over mochas, there are a lot of reasons to connect the millions of Capital One cardholders.

Sometimes when you finish a credit card application you acquire an instant decision: either an immediate approval or instant rejection. However, in a lot of cases, the credit card issuer can need extra time to review your application, check your credit information and credit score, and settle on your credit limit.

Capital One has also efficient the application procedure, making it simpler to figure out the finest card for your specific requirements and delivering a fast pre-approval procedure to narrow down your choices. You can even submit an application online and get a decision for nearly 60 seconds.

As soon as you apply for a Capital One credit card, you may be not receiving an immediate decision, although a number of decisions are issued within 60 seconds. If you don’t acquire an immediate decision, you might desire to check your Capital One credit card application position.

The process to Check status of Capital One Credit Card Application 

If you don’t desire to wait to obtain your new card or rejection letter, there are other methods you can check your status of the application with Capital One.

The most excellent way is to call the agency directly. Capital One advises the candidate to get in touch with them at 1-800-903-9177 to confirm their credit card application status. When you call the corporation, they will likely request for your Social Security number.

Capital One, unlike several other credit card corporations, doesn’t allow applicants to check their status online. The Capital One phone number is the only presently accessible alternative for checking status. Capital One doesn’t offer a contact email address to verify an application status, either.

If you are rejected for a Capital One credit card, you might get a copy of your denial letter online. If not, you can get in touch with the company at the same number mentioned above, and they will mail you one more copy.

Next Steps

If you find that you’ve been denied a Capital One card, it may not be because of your credit history. It can be for other causes as well. For instance, sometimes Capital One denies applicants as they’ve tried to apply for too many cards from the corporation within a little time period.

If you are denied & you desire to apply for a card from a different company, try to see if you pre-qualify before you really submit an application. Every time you submit a card application from any corporation they will do a hard pull on your credit, which can harmfully impact your credit score. If you can find out if you pre-qualify without a tough inquiry, it’s good for your credit.

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