Use Capital One Retail Services Online

Need some information about Capital One Retail and its online services, then you are at the right place to find some. If you want to apply for this category of Mastercard, then it’ll be easier if you are a customer or client for Best Buy, Bonton, David’s, Boscov’s or Costco.

Anywhere you see the HSBC charge card is accepted, you can use the Capital One Retail Card. You will be given various services such as secure online access and other important information about your account. Some of the information offered to you includes your credit information, payment information, and balance.

Capital One Online Retail Service has a dedicated customer care feature that allows you to have a printed form with a detailed explanation.

Apart from these, you can request for an increase in the credit limit, alter your data, request a duplicate card, ask for a printed explanation for the details using the services.

How to use Capital One Retail Services Online

To be able to use the online services, you need to access the portal by using your personal account number and the postal code. The major benefit of using the online portal are that you can view your account statements online and also clear any dues that may exist in the account.

Also, you will be entitled to receive email alerts about different details such as your balance amount, transaction history, etc.

Capital One Retail Online Services and customer care

To get assistance from the portal, you have the facility of an online customer care portal that will resolve all your issues. The major issues that customer care is capable of resolving are:

Information of account: You can access the portal to view your account balance, current balance, available credit, transaction history, etc. You can also view information about the payments made and payments due.

Payment portal: You can use the money in your account to make payments for various bills and the amount will be directly deducted from your account.

Statement Center: To get information about your account statement as well as print your statement.

Account Maintenance: This will allow you to update your account details.

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